What Your Logo Says About You

You want a new logo but do you really need to go through a full brand revival just to get that pretty font you've been looking for?

Um, yes. Yes. Absolutely, yes.

At the heart of every logo is your brand. And every brand is made up of what's on the outside annnnnd the inside—just like you! Let's jump into what makes a brand . . . and what your logo says about you.

Brand Strategy

This is the "it's what's on the inside that counts" part of your brand. It's a deep understanding of your brand's values, position in the market, competition and goals. It's the brains of your operation.

At Hello Story, we create your brand strategy with a 1:1 on discovery call, research + brand analysis, a creative brief, and hours of strategy development.

Brand Identity

This is the fun part you've been waiting for. Those fonts you drool over. Colors that make your heart sing. How modern or traditional, colorful or neutral, professional or casual you want your brand to be. It's tone and temperament, and it's soooo fun to bring to life!

Our creative studio is just that—highly creative. We create mood boards, color palettes, font suites and a variety of logos to bring our clients' vision to life. But we do it with intelligence, psychology and marketing prowess. We consider color psychology and work hours-on-end to tirelessly create logos that sell. They're clear in any size, for any application. You can be confident that, at Hello Story, your brand identity will reflect the beauty and brains of your brand.

Brand Story

This is the final result. It's the inside + outside. It's how you tell people who you are and what you do. It's your story. Your values . . . plus, your gorgeous visuals. I chose to name my company Hello Story to reflect the heart of what I offer clients: a comprehensive branding experience that deftly communicates your brand strategy + identity.

Take the logo I used for this blog: Debra Stewart Interiors. Debra rebranded after 30 years in the business. She's an incredibly well-respected, highly-awarded interior designer serving clients in Dallas' premier neighborhoods. Debra values thoughtfulness, intelligence and intention. She's lived abroad and holds multiple interior design, art and architecture degrees. Her clients value luxury, and she values what we've coined, "everyday extraordinary." Her design services bring luxury to everyday life. Debra is smart, funny, confident and exceptionally skilled.

Debra's logo reflects who she is and how she designs; and, it feels like home. When clients interact with her logo, they feel luxury . . . yet approachability. It feels modernized yet timeless. Clean and structured, yet feminine. It feels like Debra's award-winning design.

How your brand makes others feel is the most important component in bringing your brand to life. Make them feel at home with who you are and what you do, and you'll build a loyal client following for.ev.er.

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