• Carrie Stockdale

Write Zippy Headlines

Catch your client with a juicy headline that'll grab their attention and #stopthescroll. Here are five of our favorite headline styles:

1. Make a promise.

Promise them something that'll draw them right in.

"You're a month away from having your dream kitchen."

2. Share advice.

They need help, and you're the expert. Give away knowledge.

"Drop it like it's hot. Lower your counter height for an instant kitchen update.

3. Ask a question.

Ask a question they're Googling.

"What should you budget on a kitchen remodel?"

4. Teach them a "How To."

Everyone wants to know how to/DIY. Often, your how-to will prove they need you!

"How to choose the right color for your kitchen and where most people go wrong.

5. Wow em!

Give them a statistic/data that adds credibility and builds curiousity.

94% of kitchen updates include cabinets. Here's why.

Choose catchy, juicy, zippy headlines to get readers to jump in. Use them for email headers, scroll-stopping Instagram posts, and blog posts like this one. :)

Get zippy and get going!