• Carrie Stockdale

Why You Won't Drink This Smoothie (and your website visitors won't either)

It looks so pretty. But it won't perform well.

It's so pink. Is it dragon fruit? Or did they sneak artificial coloring in? I don't know, but it's the happiest pink smoothie in the world.

Problem is: pretty isn't enough.

And the same is true for your website.

Let's walk through your site, smoothie style.

1. Pretty is good.

It should be pretty. Nobody wants to drink a brown smoothie. Ever put blueberries AND spinach in a smoothie? The nutritional value is there, but it's just plain yuck. Like a pretty smoothie, your site should draw visitors in. Give them all the gorgeous. Then flip the straw their way so they can slurp up your quality content.

2. You need quality content.

What you put in your smoothie matters. How do you take yours? I like spinach, almond butter, collagen, chia seeds, flax and ice. Lots of greens and a big protein boost. The contents are A+.

Same should be true for your site. Your content needs to be nutrition-rich, without additives. Talk to your dream client and tell her what you offer. Be concise. Fewer ingredients make you more memorable. Build trust. Establish authority.

Take out any fillers. Then make sure it works.

3. Function > Form

It's got to work. That gold straw is too thin to suck up the thick smoothie. And all those little granola sprinkles will just get stuck. If the straw is useless, we won't drink it because no girl wants a mustache--even if it's a pink one.

You guessed it: same is true for your website. It should load in about three seconds; your photos should be optimized; and your copy should be crystal clear (not muddy like spinach + blueberries). Check your links. And give clear calls to action. We want a fat gold straw, skip the granola, please.

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