• Carrie Stockdale

Why Pink is the New Pink

What's your favorite color? I 💗pink.

Let's chat about pink and color psychology for a quick sec. There's hot pink, mauve, bubble gum, ballet slipper, salmon, blush, flamingo, taffy, fuchsia, strawberry . . . a million names and connotations for the color pink.

Deciding which color is right for YOUR business is so much more than just *liking* a color. There's a lot of color psychology attached to that color wheel.

Beyond love and romance, did you know pink is associated with nurturing, femininity and compassion? It has a calming effect on the brain, according to psychologists, who also note it represents a feminine principle and is a sign of hope.

Those who love pink, research shows, consider it creatively-inspiring, vibrant and happy. It asserts strong sensitivity and is a powerful color, offering gentle comfort and inspiration.

What colors inspire you?