• Carrie Stockdale

3 Things Every Caption Needs

Those gorgeous, curated images will stop the scroll.

But then what?

A fluffy, cheeky, punny caption?

Girls, we can do better. We've grabbed their attention, now hit 'em with a 1-2-3 punch!

#1 Every caption should have value.

Our captions have to hold value or we're reducing our feed to a girl gang made up of dumb blondes. All pretty faces. No brains.

Consider the 3 E's to writing value-based captions:

1. Captions that educate.

Research what's trending within your industry and educate your followers. For example, "The most important question to ask before choosing a wedding venue is..."

2. Captions that show expertise.

Demonstrate mastery in your field (💁‍♀). For example, "With 20 years in interior design, we understand..."

3. Captions that enrich.

Inspire your followers with quotes, memes, behind-the-scenes, personal anecdotes—add depth without being so "salesy." For example, "People are not afraid to start their dreams, they're just afraid to be seen starting small." —Brendon Burchard

#2 Every caption should have a CTA.

Now, add that second punch with a call-to-action. Here are a few of solid go-tos:

  1. double-tap if

  2. tag a friend

  3. like, share or save

  4. what's one word that...

  5. vote: A or B?

  6. head to the link in our bio

  7. download the...

  8. shop now

  9. read the full...

  10. take the quiz

  11. start your free trial

  12. get a quote

  13. DM us for...

#3 Every caption should be authentic.

Finally, you want your captions to be authentic. Captions should sound like you. Do you say, "girl boss" in real life? Do you talk in puns? Do you use academic or business jargon?

No, you sound like a strong, capable woman. You have a rich vocabulary but you also throw your head back and laugh at yourself. You're competent but never stuffy.

Be you.

Your captions will feel like your brand when your voice is true to you.

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